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Striped Bass

Morone saxatilis

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Saltwater Fish Identification

Striped Bass

Common Name(s):
Striper, Rockfish
The body color of striped bass is olive-green, blue-gray or bluish-black on the top with silver sides and a white belly. It is easily identified by its seven or eight black stripes that run horizontally along its sides. Fins are dusky silver color, except for the white pelvic fins. Young striped bass may not have the horizontal stripes or they may be interrupted.
Similar Fish:
White Bass (freshwater)
Feeding Habits:
Striped bass eat a variety of food including; crab, lobster, and other fish.
The Striper is found up and down along both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico.
They will generally travel in schools in search of abundant open-water baitfish and are often found near piers, flats, rocks, and surf troughs.
Typical Size:
The Striper can easily reach over 3 feet in length and over 50 pounds in weight.
World Record:
79 pounds, 8 ounces (IGFA)