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Lutjanus apodus

Snapper Family

Saltwater Fish Identification


Common Name(s):
Barred Snapper
Schoolmasters are deep-bodied and overall yellowish, with several prominent vertical white bars on the sides. In the largest specimens these bars may be nearly invisible, therefore can be confused the Dog Snapper. Another similarity is that both have a blue line, usually broken, on the gill cover. The Schoolmaster, however, does not have the white cone-shaped patch on the gill that identifies the Dog Snapper. Since most Schoolmasters are rather small and vividly striped, their identity is pretty obvious.
Similar Fish:
Dog Snapper
Feeding Habits:
The Schoolmaster feeds on crustaceans, small fishes, and gastropods.
All Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean.
Schoolmasters are near shores especially around Elkhorn coral reefs. Large adults usually stick to reefs and drop-offs in deep water.
Typical Size:
Schoolmaster averages less than one pound, although they may grow to 6-8 pounds and 24 inches in length.
World Record:
13 pounds, 4 ounces (IGFA)