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Red Porgy

Pagrus pagrus

Porgy Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Red Porgy

Common Name(s):
The Red Porgy is light in color with reddish silver overall and a pinkish tail.
Similar Fish:
Other Porgy
Feeding Habits:
Red porgy are carnivorous bottom feeders. They tend to feed in schools and migrate looking for food. Their typical diet is made up of crustaceans, mollusk and small fish.
Red Porgy are found in the offshore depths of Florida and the Bahamas.
The Red Porgy prefers drop-offs in at least 200 feet or deeper.
Typical Size:
The Red Porgy averages 2 to 10 pounds, but may reach 20 or more.
World Record:
17 pounds, 0 ounces (IGFA)