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Mahogany Snapper

Lutjanus mahogoni

Snapper Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Mahogany Snapper

Common Name(s):
The Lane Snapper is brightly colored, but has little of the reds and pinks that characterize most tropical Snappers. The back and upper sides are grayish to brown. The underside is silvery. It has a dark spot on lateral line below the posterior dorsal fin. The large eye and caudal fin are bright red.
Similar Fish:
Lane Snapper
Feeding Habits:
The Lane Snapper is a night feeder with a diet of smaller fish.
South Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean.
Lane Snappers are usually found in tropical reefs, although they are not common anywhere. They are occasionally caught in the Keys, but more are seen in the Bahamas.
Typical Size:
The Snapper is relatively small, perhaps up to three pounds and 15 inches.
World Record:
1 pound, 8 ounces (IGFA)