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Selene vomer

Pompanos Family

Saltwater Fish Identification


Common Name(s):
Jorobado, Horse-head, Moon fish
Both the Lookdown and the Atlantic Moonfish are flat, silvery fish of similar size, appearance and habits. Moreover, they are often found in company with each other, which add to the angler's confusion. The Lookdown has a sloping, concave head and long streamers, running off the dorsal and anal fins. These streamers, however, are not nearly so long and flowing as those of the juvenile African Pompano. The head of the Moonfish is less blunted than that of the Lookdown, and all its fins are short.
Similar Fish:
Atlantic Moonfish
Feeding Habits:
Small crabs, shrimp and fish.
The Lookdown is found from Maine to Uruguay, including Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean.
Lookdown may be found nearly anywhere in shallow coastal waters, but are most common around bridge and dock pilings, navigation markers, and in channels and canals, where they frequently gather under shore side lights at night.
Typical Size:
Lookdown typically run from hand size to more than 1 pound.
World Record:
4 pounds, 12 ounces (IGFA)