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Lesser Amberjack

Seriola fasciata

Jacks Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Lesser Amberjack

Common Name(s):
This small jack is difficult to separate from the greater amberjack, but it does have a deeper body for its length than the greater amberjack. The diagonal dark bar through the eye may stop short of the dorsal fin. It extends to the dorsal fin in the greater amberjack.
Similar Fish:
Greater Amberjack, Banded Rudderfish
Feeding Habits:
Crabs, crustaceans and smaller fish make up the diet of the Lesser Amberjack.
Lesser amberjack are found in the western Atlantic from Massachusetts south to Brazil, including the Caribbean and the northeast and southwest Gulf of Mexico.
This smaller Amberjack is found more offshore then the greater, and found near floating objects and tree lines.
Typical Size:
Average up to 4 pounds and a foot in length.
World Record: