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Lane Snapper

Lutjanus synagris

Snapper Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Lane Snapper

Common Name(s):
Lane Snapper
Lane snapper are short, compact fish that are pink to red above the lateral line and often have a green tinge on the back and sides. They have 8 to 10 golden, horizontal stripes that run down the side of the body. Lane snapper can be distinguished from other snapper by a large, black spot that is above the lateral line on the back portion of the body, though this spot is also lacking on a few lane snapper specimens.
Similar Fish:
Mutton Snapper
Feeding Habits:
The Lane Snapper feed on small fish, crab, shrimp, worms and cephalopods.
Lane snapper are found in the western Atlantic as far north as North Carolina and as far south as the southeast coast of Brazil. They are most common in the Antilles, off the coast of Panama and in northern South America. They are seldom found in the Baha
Lane snapper are found in both muddy and clear waters at depths between 5 and 130 feet. While they prefer coral reefs and sand bottoms, they are found over any type of bottom with vegetation. Young lane snapper tend to stay closer to the shore in grass be
Typical Size:
The Lane Snapper is approximately 1 pound.
World Record:
7 pounds,