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King Mackerel

Scomberomorus cavalla

Mackerel Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

King Mackerel

Common Name(s):
Yellowtail, Yellowtail Kingfish, Kingfish
The back of the King Makerel is a iridescent bluish green, the sides are a silver, it has a streamlined body with a tapered head, there are no black pigments on front of the dorsal fin, there is a lateral line that starts high and drops sharply below the second dorsal fin, and young fish often have yellow spots like the Spanish Mackerel.
Similar Fish:
Cero, Spanish mackerel,
Feeding Habits:
The King Mackerel primarily feeds on fish including Herring, Silversides, and also have been known to eat squid, and shrimp.
The King Mackerel is found along the western coast of the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. The Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico stocks mix in south Florida waters.
The King Mackerel prefers outer reefs and coastal waters. They can also be found in northeast Brazil, Louisiana, and south Florida waters. King mackerels are found in depths between 75.5 - 111.5 feet (23 - 34 m). Dependent upon warm temperatures, king mac
Typical Size:
The King Mackerel is approximately 20 pounds.
World Record:
93 pounds