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Great Barracuda

Sphyraena barracuda

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Saltwater Fish Identification

Great Barracuda

Common Name(s):
Barracuda, Short Barracuda, Cuda, Sea Pike
The great barracuda has a slender, streamlined body that is round in the mid-section. The top of the head between the eyes is nearly flat and the mouth is large, containing many large sharp teeth and a projecting lower jaw. The pectoral fin tips extend to the origin of the pelvic fins. The spinous and soft dorsal fins are widely separated and the double emarginated tail fin exhibits pale tips on each lobe.
Similar Fish:
Pacific Barracuda
Feeding Habits:
Great barracuda feed on a large variety of fish, but appear to be most attracted to shiny, silvery species. This includes mullet, needlefish, mackerel, snappers, groupers, jacks, tuna, and even dolphins.
The great barracuda can be found in all tropical waters of the Atlantic, from Brazil to Africa. They are found in abundance around the Florida coast and Keys, the Bahamas, central and northern South America.
Throughout  their lives Barracuda can be found in many different habitats.  The ability of juveniles to camouflage themselves make turtle grass beds and sandy bottoms a prime living area. Older Barracuda take advantage of the variety of food sources found
Typical Size:
Great barracudas are long streamlined fish whose maximum size is not really known. The generally accepted maximum size of a great barracuda is 6.5 feet and 110 pounds, but it is believed there may also be rare cases in which the fish can reach up to 8 fee
World Record:
85 pounds, 0 ounces (IGFA)