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Blue Runner

Caranx crysos

Jacks Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Blue Runner

Common Name(s):
Hardtail, runner, yellow jack
Hardtails look similar to the Jack Crevalle, but the slope of the head is not as pronounced. Coloration varies from fish to fish, with some being green or blue dorsally and white ventrally.
Similar Fish:
Bar Jack, Jack Crevalle, Amberjack, Yellow Jack
Feeding Habits:
Aggressive cruiser and schooler. Eats smaller fishes such as silversides, anchovies, glass minnows, as well as shrimps, squid, and small crabs. Can aggressively attack minnows even at relatively fast speeds, and can hunt in small packs to large schools. T
Atlantic Ocean from Virginia  to Brazil including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.
They are often caught around structure and floating debris offshore and used as bait for Kingfish and other pelagic gamefish. Like all Jacks, these fish will make you think you have hooked something considerably larger.
Typical Size:
These fish average 1 lb, but occasionally are caught up to 2 lbs.
World Record:
11 pounds, 2 ounces (IGFA)