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Blackfin Snapper

Lutianus buccanell

Snapper Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Blackfin Snapper

Common Name(s):
Blackspot, Snapper, Bahamas Red, Snapper
Blackfin Snappers are vivid red overall with a yellowish caudal, anal, and pelvic fins and a whitish underbelly. True to it’s common name the Blackfin Snapper sports a black crescent shaped spot at the base of its pectoral fin. This fish is sometimes confused with the American Red Snapper and can be told apart by the black mark on his fin. These fish are very strong fighters and extremely difficult to catch due to the fact that they live in very deep waters.
Similar Fish:
Other snappers
Feeding Habits:
Their diet consist of plankton as juveniles and changes to shrimp and squid as adults.
South Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean.
Blackfin Snappers are found offshore near the continental shelf. Almost all of these fish are caught along cliffs and ledges at depths of 200 feet or greater. The majority are caught in the Bahamas.
Typical Size:
Blackfin Snappers average between three to four pounds with a maximum of ten pounds. An adult fish is typically 20 inches long.
World Record:
7 pounds, 3 ounces (IGFA)