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Banded rudderfish

Seriola zonata

Jacks Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Banded rudderfish

Common Name(s):
Slender Amberjack
The fish that are less than 11 inches long have dark band from eye to first dorsal fin and six prominent bars on body. As the fish grows past 11 inches they lose their bands and turn to a bluish, greenish, or brown color; soft dorsal base about twice the length of the anal fin; tail-lobe white tipped.
Similar Fish:
Other Amberjacks and Pilotfish.
Feeding Habits:
The Banded rudderfish feeds on other smaller fish and shrimp.
The range of the banded rudderfish is the western Atlantic from Nova Scotia, south to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.
The adults of this species prefer shallower water than other amberjacks. The banded rudderfish can be found over hard bottom and reefs, in deep inshore channels around structures, and in schools near buoys oil rigs, at all depths.
Typical Size:
The average weight is 3-6 pounds and can reach over a foot in length as adults.
World Record: