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Almaco Jack

Seriola rivoliana

Jacks Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

Almaco Jack

Common Name(s):
Pacific Amberjack
The Almaco Jack is a deep-bodied amberjack that is sometimes darker in coloration. The front of the soft dorsal and of the anal fins are high and elongated and the body is more flattened than banded rudderfish or greater amberjack and there are no scutes.
Similar Fish:
Greater and Lesser Amberjack
Feeding Habits:
The Almaco Jack diet consist of small fish and crustaceans.
The range of the Almaco Jack is all of Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean.
Largely the same as the Great Amberjack reefs and wrecks. Curiously, a particular wreck often seems to hold one species or the other, but both are present in many spots.
Typical Size:
The Almaco Jack will usually be less then 20 pounds in size.
World Record:
78 pounds, 0 ounces