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African Pompano

Alectis ciliaris

Pompanos Family

Saltwater Fish Identification

African Pompano

Common Name(s):
Threadfish, Cuban Jack, Flechudo
The African Pompano is a large, flattened fish with silvery or pearlescent sides and a distinctive blunt, steeply sloped head. The forward rays of the dorsal and anal fins are very long and threadlike in young fish, and these "streamers" sometimes hang on until adulthood, although they usually are lost as the fish grows.
Similar Fish:
Florida Pompano
Feeding Habits:
The African Pompano eat a variety of crab, shrimp, and smaller fish species.
Most African Pompano are encountered on the lower half of the Atlantic Coast and in the Keys. They also are found throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean.
The young prefer shallow reefs. Adults may be found over shallow reefs as well, but tend to work deeper as they grow. Best fishing grounds are usually around deep wrecks.
Typical Size:
African Pompanos are common at 15 to 30 pounds and grow to at least 50 pounds.
World Record:
42 pounds, 2 ounces (IGFA)