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Yellow Perch

Perca flavescens

Walleye Family

Freshwater Fish Identification

Yellow Perch

Common Name(s):
Lake perch, striped perch
The yellow perch sides are golden yellow to brassy green with six to eight dark vertical saddles with a white to yellow belly. Yellow perch have many small teeth, but no large canines. The gill cover contains one or more sharp spines.
Similar Fish:
Sauger, walleye
Feeding Habits:
Adults feed on aquatic insects, larger invertebrates, and other small fish.
The yellow perch is a widespread species in the northern United States and in Canada. Although it occurs in nearly every U.S. state today it is sparsely distributed in the South.
The yellow perch is found in lakes, ponds, and slow moving rivers. It prefers clear water with moderate vegetation and lots of sand or gravel bottoms.
Typical Size:
Yellow perch range from 1 ounce to 1 pound with some fish known to exceed 2 pounds. Rarely are they longer than 12 inches in length.
World Record:
4 pounds, 3 ounces (Source - IGFA)