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Suwannee Bass

Micropterus notius

Bass Family

Freshwater Fish Identification

Suwannee Bass

Common Name(s):
The Suwannee is very similar to a smallmouth bass, but the bright blue coloring on the underside area and the cheeks help it to be distinguished. A shallow notch connects the dorsal fins and the mouth doesn’t extend beyond the eye as in a largemouth bass. There is a dark lateral line of diamond shaped blotches on its sides. There is also a dark spot on the base of its tail.
Similar Fish:
Smallmouth bass
Feeding Habits:
The young eat mostly small crustaceans and aquatic insects. Adults feed heavily on crayfish, but will also take the occasional small fish.
Suwannee and Ochlockonee River drainages in Florida
Suwannee bass prefer quickly flowing water in rocky areas of the bank, but ar not isolated to the areas. They also like large springs and spring runs, overhanging banks and vegetation, fallen trees and underwater drop-offs.
Typical Size:
They are typically smaller than 10 inches long and 12 ounces in weight.
World Record:
3 pounds, 14 ounces (Source - IGFA)