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Striped Bass

Morone saxatilis

Crappie Family

Freshwater Fish Identification

Striped Bass

Common Name(s):
Striper, rock, greenhead
The striped bass is dark olive on the back, shading to silvery on the sides and white on the belly. Dark stripes appear on the sides. They also have a slimmer body, separated dorsal fin, teeth on the tongue and a lower jaw that projects beyond the upper jaw.
Similar Fish:
White bass, yellow bass, white perch
Feeding Habits:
The voracious and opportunistic striped bass will all consume all types of other fish.
Striped bass are found from the St. Lawrence River in the north to just off the shores of northern Florida on the Atlantic Coast. They are found in the Gulf of Mexico off the shores of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. It is also found along the Pacific Coast from Washington to California.
Native to the Atlantic Ocean, and its coastal tributaries. Striped bass prefer large bodies of deep, cool water.
Typical Size:
The striped bass are known for their size reaching over 4 feet in length and getting over 50 pounds in weight.
World Record:
78 pounds, 8 ounces (Source - IGFA)