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Spotted Sunfish

Lepomis punctatus

Sunfish Family

Freshwater Fish Identification

Spotted Sunfish

Common Name(s):
Stumpknocker, bream
Spotted sunfish tend to be olive-green to brown in color, with black or reddish spots on the base of each scale to form rows of dots on its sides. Their gill flap is short and stiff. On some fish there is a red bar in front of many of the black spots, particularly below the lateral line.
Similar Fish:
Warmouth or a green sunfish, but much smaller.
Feeding Habits:
Spotted sunfish will feed on invertebrates, insects and small fish when they are easy to catch. The bulk of their diet consists of a variety of plants and animals that are usually associated with aquatic vegetation, brush, or rubble.
Spotted sunfish are located in the coastal river drainages from North Carolina to Texas and also in the Mississippi River basin north to Illinois.
The preferred habitats of the spotted sunfish are slow moving, heavily vegetated streams and rivers with limestone, sand, or gravel bottoms.
Typical Size:
The spotted sunfish is a very small fish that will rarely weigh more than a couple of ounces. They are just over a few inches in length at adulthood.
World Record:
No record due to small size.