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Stizostedion canadense

Walleye Family

Freshwater Fish Identification


Common Name(s):
Blue pickerel, sand pike, river pike
Sauger look very similar to walleye and saugeye. The body is cylindrical with dark blotches along the sides. They have sharp canine teeth and large cloudy eyes. They can be distinguished from walleye by the large dark spots on the spiny dorsal fin. There is also no white tip on its tail.
Similar Fish:
Walleye, yellow perch, saugeye
Feeding Habits:
The sauger prefers to forage for aquatic insects, crayfish, and small fishes during periods of low light.
The sauger is generally found from Quebec down to Tennessee and from northwestward through Montana to about central Alberta Canada.
Prefers large, turbid, shallow lakes and large, silty, slow-flowing rivers. It has a definite preference for larger rivers and spends much of its life there except during the spawning season, when it ascends tributary streams or enters backwaters in search of suitable spawning habitat.
Typical Size:
Most sauger range from 9 to 15 inches in length and are less than 1 pound.
World Record:
8 pounds, 12 ounces (Source - IGFA)